SO MUCH has been accomplished, and yet so much is still to be done! We have a number of projects that we are still seeking funding for, including maintenance/improvements and income generation projects at Angel House, and construction of the remaining buildings at Angel Secondary.  Particular excitement is held as we plan for several income generating projects designed to allow Angel House and Angel Secondary to become as self-sufficient as possible.

 Angel House development priorities:

  • New orphanage truck
  • Irrigation from nearby Mori river (to fish pond, farm land, and eventually a greenhouse)
  • Construction of a new and larger sewing center
  • Large-scale tree planting efforts
  • Renovation of old sewing center into Angel cafe
  • Vocational trade workshop construction
  • Building a guesthouse on the Angel compound

Angel Secondary development priorities:

  • Construction of multipurpose building/dining hall
  • Finishing of Science & Technology building (lab furniture and fittings)
  • Addition of 1 boys’ dorm
  • Construction of a teachers’ house on campus
  • Building a library/computer lab
  • Purchase of a new school bus

For more information on how to become involved with Grassroots projects please email or call us.