SO MUCH has been accomplished, and we’re grateful for every dollar that has been given and every hour spent onsite by our volunteer teams. Several projects remain, including income generation projects at Angel House and the completion of the school. Please pray with us for the means to complete the following projects. Each one will help the project be more self-reliant as time goes on.

Angel House development priorities:

  • Construction of a new and larger Kindergarten classroom

  • Construction of a new and larger sewing center

  • Renovation of old sewing center into Angel cafe

  • Vocational trade workshop construction

Angel Secondary development priorities:

  • Completion of multipurpose building/dining hall

  • Building a library/computer lab

  • Additional dorms for both boys and girls

For more information on how to become involved with Grassroots capital projects please email or call Holly Heyroth Opundo at or (254) 784-9020.