IMG_2473 DSCN0027 DSCN0029Volunteers are an integral part of our life and ministry at Angel House and Angel Secondary. We have hosted college students, retirees, and every age in between for tasks related to teaching, building, administration, and more. There is always more to do than we can accomplish on our own, and we are interested in hosting short term and long term volunteers to assist us with the huge task of raising over 60 children and educating over 300 students!

We are specifically looking for volunteers who have experience in teaching, agriculture, engineering, and business administration.

Teams have been involved in construction, tutoring, leading Vacation Bible School, rainwater harvesting systems, kitchen renovation, medical clinics, and more. The children are absolutely THRILLED when a team comes to love on them and play with them and help them with homework and play soccer.

Are you being called to this place?


If so, contact Grassroots and we’ll discuss the possibility!