Sponsor a child

The heart of our operating budget comes from individuals, families, and groups who decide to stand in the gap for a child by becoming a child sponsor. You can become involved as a child sponsor at any amount. It takes multiple sponsors for each child to provide all that is needed for both basic necessities and care plus tuition, uniform, and supplies for attending school. Grassroots breaks this cost down to enable more people to participate in the effort.

The current cost for Angel House to totally care for one child is $3000/year for preschool/primary students and $3900/year for high school/college students.

-Become an EDUCATION SPONSOR by contributing $40/month to the cost a scholarship for one child.  (tuition, uniform, exam fees)
-Become a CHILD SPONSOR by providing for the basic needs of one child at any amount. (food, clothing, medicine, care from our loving staff)

Sponsors can contribute a set amount monthly, or give a donation annually for the care of a child. You will be assigned a specific child and receive information about him/her on an annual basis. Sponsors are welcome to write letters or email their sponsored children; correspondence will be read together with and translated as necessary for your child.

A sponsorship begins with your first gift, which can be done online or by mailing a check to the following address:

PO Box 106
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Angel House is an Advance Special project through the United Methodist Mission Agency, and donations can also be given through the Advance at the following address:


THANK YOU in advance for making a difference in the lives of our children!