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Jeff’s Cross Country Adventure

TransAmerica_Trail Grassroots friends and family, meet Jeff Eggleston.    You may remember a similar posting last July when Jeff started on a bicycle journey from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginian in support of Angel House Orphanage and Secondary School.  Early into his trip he had an accident, which postponed his trip until May 2016.

 I am Jeff Eggleston. I own my own business and have just completed 40 years of serving my community with honest automotive repair.  I will be turning 65 this summer and am planning an adventure and would like to invite you to participate.  I attend The First United Methodist Church in New Carlisle, OH.

A little over 10 years ago our church helped found the Angel House Orphanage and Secondary School near Tarime, Tanzania.  My life has been blessed and I now have some time to take on an adventure to celebrate that and work to be a blessing to others. I am planning to leave Yorktown, VA about May 1 and ride my bike from there across country to Astoria, Oregon. I plan to ride about 50-75 miles a day and expect the trip to take me three months. I have mixed motivations for the trip. First, it’s just the excitement of traveling and doing something slightly exceptional. Secondly, I love new experiences and meeting new people. Finally, I am riding to raise funds for this life-changing ministry of my church. I am funding the trip myself, so all of the contributions go directly to Angel House.

As I travel across country I hope to find people to ride with and people who would like to support the Angel House Orphanage.  I would love to find a bicyclist in your church that would collect some donations, which would be sent to my home church and then passed on to Tanzania. They could then ride along with me for a few miles, for a few days, or just as far as they want.

Furnishing both contributions and a cyclist is not a requirement. I would enjoy the company of another rider with or without the contributions and I am sure that Angel House would appreciate the contribution even if I ride alone.

As I am intending to leave the east coast no later than the first week in May, if you think your church would like to participate in my adventure, please contact me as soon as possible, especially if you have a bicyclist interested. Timing and logistics will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it!

You may follow my travels by liking Jeff’s Adventure for Orphans & Homeless on Facebook.  Other contact info:

Contribution for Jeff’s Adventure in support of Angel House Orphanage and School can also be made on this website.


Emergency Placement

This past year has been beautiful and challenging all at the same time. The Angel leadership team met this morning to reflect on 2015 and plan for the coming year, and we were reminded that our work is not only meaningful but that it is certainly not over. As the meeting concluded the district social welfare officer called. There are three urgent cases of abandoned/abused children who have been living at the district hospital for months. One has been burned so many times, inside and out, that she requires surgery at the hospital that is four hours away. The other two siblings have been abandoned and literally have no place to go, no one to trust, and nothing to eat. We had already prioritized the waiting list and intend to take in more children this year, but some situations warrant immediate attention. We are sharing their pictures so that you might pray with us, for God to make a way for us to help them come into the Angel House family; if you want to be involved in our New Year’s rescue operation for these sweet children, please click on donate 1917773_1105873532786956_43609446152038766_n943864_1105873602786949_4868519215331919167_nand help Angel House to address their medical needs, give them a family, and show them how important and loved they are by God. Thank you for a year full of prayers, love, and generosity. May we continue to do as much good or more in 2016.

Thanksgiving & Giving Tuesday


November brings about not only thanksgiving for all that God has done in our own lives, but gratitude for Him allowing us to join him in caring for the poor, the orphaned, and those around us who need hope.

Two weeks from today, just after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday will arrive. It is a global day dedicated to giving back, and on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, friends around the world will come together for a common purpose of celebrating generosity and giving.

The work that God has done through the lives of the children at Angel House and Angel Secondary in Tanzania is both intangible but yet very clear. Grassroots and all friends of the angels invite you to participate in Giving Tuesday this year. On December 1, all gifts given online at will be matched by the board of grassroots dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. All giving that day will go directly towards the care and education of the children of Angel House.



Angel House Orphanage’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

January 9, 2015  Angel Houe children sang, danced, read poems and gave thanks for thier family here at Angel House Orphanage

Angel House children sang, danced, read poems and gave thanks for their family here at Angel House Orphanage.

the guest of honor, our district commissioner and his entourage, along with the project leadership and our village chairman posed for a picture.  A true community-wide celebration!

The guest of honor, our district commissioner and his entourage, along with the project leadership and our village chairman posed for a picture. A true community-wide celebration.

Congratualtions to Anna Magesa, receiving the staff member of the tear award,

Congratulations to Anna Magesa for receiving the staff member of the year award.

Angel WilliamCertificateof Achievement2014School Year

Congratulations to Angel for receiving the Merit Award for being the best in Academics and Discipline!

Delicious food prepared by Angel House kirundi, as Pastor Levi headed up the line

Delicious food was prepared by Angel House kirundi, as Pastor Levi headed up the line.

Christmas Eve Baptism

Can’t think of a better way to spend our morning on Christmas Eve than to celebrate with the church that started inside Angel House baptizing over fifty men, women, and children. Glory to God.10624909_886542808053364_8361845720577074480_n



Thank You!

To say we are grateful is an understatement. God is moving in the lives of our children and our neighbors in the village in ways that are beyond our comprehension. We are deeply grateful for the many prayers said, the great love that has been shown, and the support given across many miles and oceans. Merry Christmas from the Angel House family!      Holly Opundo


Giving Tuesday, December 21.

Last year, the United Methodist Church offered a matching grant to those who gave through its website on Giving Tuesday. THIS YEAR, as a result of the extreme generosity of several donors, we have the ability to offer our own matching grant! Any donation given here on the Grassroots website, Tuesday December 2nd, will be matched up to $20,000.

Ten years ago, as Angel House was opening its doors, a child sponsorship gift of $540/year adequately covered the cost of both caring for a child and paying school fees to the local primary schools. Today with increased childcare and education expenses, the children are receiving a superior education at Sunshine Springs Academy primary school and Angel Secondary School.   By the end of 2015, FIFTEEN of our young adults will be pursuing post-secondary education, and the cost to fully cover one Tanzanian student to attend college is $3,000 per year.

Angel House Orphanage Needs:

1.  Additional child sponsors

2.  Additional education sponsors

3.  Post secondary education support

We pray that you will consider a gift towards the work that God is doing in Tanzania by donating online December 2nd, whether it’s a one-time gift, a special Christmas gift, child sponsor support or education support.

Your support will be doubled on Giving Tuesday, December 2.

Thank you for helping in raising these children and taking them as far as possible so they will become a faithful, self-sufficient generation who will positively impact the lives of others.

Angel House Orphanage and Secondary School

The first wave of Angel Secondary study tours has commenced this weekend. Forty-two strong, we filled the bus and have had a blast learning about industry, tourism, and geography in the town of Mwanza. Thankful for awesome teachers that devote not only their weeks but their weekends to these fantastic students.