Care for orphans through Grassroots Ministries began in January of 2005 with 30 children in the small town of Tarime in in northwest Tanzania.  The children had suffered the loss of their parents due to a variety of reasons, including AIDS, malaria, and abandonment. The children lived in two small rental houses for the first several years as the organization began construction on a home that would hold the entire family on land in nearby Gamasara village.


In late 2009, the family of now 54 children moved into their new home in Gamasara, a facility that has been built to hold up to 75 children, and the early part of 2010 was spent acquiring the funding for and drilling a borehole well, installing solar electricity, and starting the process of cultivating the land to develop a farm for the children to work in and eat off of. When those tasks were complete, Grassroots looked to its next goal, of providing quality education for the children who had been placed under its care, by starting construction in 2010 on a secondary school, hiring the school staff, and outfitting the school from desks to textbooks.


January 17, 2011 was the opening day of the inaugural year of Angel Secondary School, with an opening student population of 170 students in grades 9 through 11.  Grassroots Ministries has expanded its role in the community by accepting students from the surrounding villages, some who have the ability to pay, and some who would never have the opportunity to study secondary education without the scholarship they receive from Angel Secondary.

In January 2012 Angel Secondary began its second year with an additional two freshmen classes for a total student body of 250. In the span of three years, Grassroots Ministries has more than quadrupled the number of students and staff under its care. The project has unfolded so quickly on the Tanzanian side that we stand in awe at what God has done, and attempt to do the best we can to continue serving the children He has placed under our care.