Last Day at Angel House

So today was our last day to be at Angel House. We got out there early this morning and we finished all six of the picnic tables. Hooray!!! Everyone did such an amazing job of working together. Not just our team, but Jim from the Kansas City team, Abel, Daniel, Mary and Nick our drivers, and our team all worked together to complete the tables. We were so excited that we were able to get them all finished so that the children will have a place to sit together and eat lunch.

To celebrate we got a whole gang of the children to walk with us to the Mori River – since we didn’t know the way. They were more than happy to oblige. It was a wonderful walk as they made Ashley and Ellie run with some of the children so they could get there first. We were wable to see some of the wonderful scenery as we went along and we got to see some of the local ox and cattle in the fields by the river.

When we returned to Angel House we loaded up in our vans and went to the mission house to eat lunch. The ladies there have fixed our lunch every day and been very gracious and kind to us as we rested and regained our energy for the day.

We then came back to the hotel to clean up and pack up and then head back to the Angel House for our goodbye celebration. Each team member had gotten a blue jersey just like the ones we had purchased for each child at the orphanage. You will see from our pictures when we return how thrilled the children were to get these jerseys (along with some tennis shoes, soccer cleats and soccer balls). We took some pictures of all of us in our jerseys in front of Angel House. We also had the Kansas team join us in our pictures because we were really team AMERICA. Then it was time to head inside for singing and celebration. We sang “Father Abraham” including motions to the children and made them join in on the motions. I am fairly certain they thought we were nuts but we all had fun. The children then sang a beautiful goodbye song to us that included every single name of each member of the teams. Ellie shared a very moving and inspiring testimony with the children. Then it was time for smores. Outside we went for a messy marshmellowy chocolatey time. When the time came to leave there were many tears ( yes, mostly ours) from team members and the children.

We have had such a blessed time here at Angel House. I don’t believe that anyone ever leaves here unchanged. God has shown up time and again in some of the most amazing ways. We came to be a blessing but we leave here so much more blessed than we could have ever dreamed. Our God is so good!

Tomorrow we head for the Kenya border and Safari. So more to come tomorrow if I have connectivity.

blessings from Africa