Days 4 and 5 at Angel House

So as you can tell since I missed posting last night, that we do not always have connection. At least on line. But we definitely have connection with God and what he is doing in us and through us and with us.
We have had the best time worshipping with the Secondary students. They begin each day with singing praises to the Lord, praying and listening to testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. They have let us join them and today some of the team gave testimonies to how God is working in their lives as well. We also have been able to sing back to them a few songs. They love us!! We may need to take our show on the road after all of this.
One of our goals when we came was to build 6 picnic tables so that the children of Angel House have a table to eat their lunch on and we have almost accomplished all of that.
We have organized all of our donations to be given out. And miracles of miracles, the missing trunk that got lost on the flight, showed up today. Praise God all the donations made it here.
Each evening we share precious time together sharing how and where we have seen God show up. You will need to ask the team members when they return, to share some of these stories with you.
Our big celebration today however, was PJ’s birthday. Everyone at Angel House sang Happy Birthday to him several times. But of course the best rendition was the one that I led our team and the children in “Bonita” style. He teared up by that rendition!!LOL!! The team bought an African birthday cake for him and all of us to share. It was a great deal of fun.
Tomorrow will be our last day at Angel House. Please pray that we are able to finish the tables without delay so that all of them are completed.
We will finish the evening with a time of fun and s’mores with the children tomorrow as well.

blessings from Africa