Angel House Day 3

Today was a great day at Angel House Orphanage.
We began our building of the picnic tables that the children will be using for many different reasons including classes being held there and being able to eat outside under shelter. We have become “expert” table builders under very different conditions than we have back home. However your wonderful donations have been put to great use today.
John cut out the boards for the tables. But more importantly, as he did that he also taught three other persons who live here and help out at Angel House how to use the table saw. It was such a great experience to watch God use him and then to see the joy and the light in the eyes of those who were learning to use the saw.
Nick oversaw the building of the tables after the boards were cut. What a great time everyone had as they tried to figure out how to put everything together without a totally flat surface and out in the blazing beautiful sunshine. It was a total celebration when the first table was finally put together with everyone clapping and enjoying the moment. They took turns sitting on the table and having their pictures taken. The whole team took part in this adventure in one form or another.
Several team members helped to shovel the dirt into the shelter to prepare for the cement that will be laid on it. Ann picked up a shovel load of dirt and out popped a snake. Amidst shouts and laughter, PJ and Ellie got the snake moved to a pile further away from where everyone was working. A major crisis adverted. Thank you Jesus!!
We watched as the sewing class brought out their sewing machines and worked on several projects. This is the program that was began in memory of Ellen Garner (Ann’s daughter). So this was especially touching for Ann to watch and she even jumped in and helped one student mend a skirt. What a joy!!
Liz and Beth taught some lessons to the younger students as others of the team were working on the tables. They had a wonderful time teaching young children who are so eager to learn. Challenging with the language barrier but they also have the opportunity to help the kids learn english, while the children help them learn a bit of Swahili.
At night, we once again gather to talk about where we each saw God show up today. It is always such a blessing to listen to each one share where and who they saw God working in and through.
So now we are off to get re-energized for another beautiful day in Africa. Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers even as we hold all of you in our hearts.

blessings from Africa