2nd day at Angel House

As they say at Angel House worship – Praise the Lord and the students answer – Amen and then Praise the Lord again – and again the students answer Amen.

We began our day at Angel House Secondary School in the newly built dining hall with worship. It is so much fun to worship the Lord with brothers and sisters from other parts of the world. We worshipped for an hour and a half with them; singing, praying, giving testimonies and then i had the joy of preaching to them. You could feel the Holy Spirit fill the entire place (and it is an open dining hall – as in no walls are built yet, just a roof and the cement pillars to hold it up). God was everywhere rejoicing with us and through us and in us. Yet we were so much more blessed by the students as they worshipped and shared their faith with us.

We then went to the market place, which is quite the experience. We were able to purchase items to give to the 4 families we were going to go on prayer walk and pray with later in the afternoon. Items like rice, beans, oil, soap and lotion. We also included some crosses that were made by a church member a few years back who loved missions.

When we returned from lunch we broke into four groups and went on our prayer walks. We were blessed to be able to pray with 4 families who were struggling with some physical issues. We visited with them as our wonderful Angel House interpreters helped us communicate. We were able to share with them the love of God and that our God is a God of miracles. Then each team member got to offer up a prayer for them and for their whole families. What an awesome opportunity!

We read our devotions for the day in the morning before we leave and then look for where God intersects through his Word and our experiences as the day goes on. We then come together in the evening and share where each one of us experienced God. Our scripture for today was Isaiah 58:7 and Matthew 25:31-46 (feel free to read them for yourself and see where God intersects in your day as you continue it).
For me this is always such a precious time. No matter why you thought you came on this specific mission trip at this specific time in your life, God always shows you something new and wonderful and miraculous that you weren’t looking for or expecting. But it is exactly why God called you to this trip. And God is doing exactly that to each person as they experience God’s loving goodness in their own way. (I will let them all share with you some of that when we return and have our mission Sunday on September 9 – so mark your calendars now because you won’t want to miss it).

Finally on a closing note: we are all doing well. So Susan relax – your daughter is amazing as she interacts with these beautiful children and shares her story as they share theirs with her. Plus she is getting in some really good soccer practice!
Cathy – God is speaking to your daughter and through your daughter as she falls in love with Africa and with its beautiful people. Everyone is quite intrigued by her blonde hair, but mostly with her loving contagious spirit and smile.
Judy – we all got PJ covered (not that he needs it). He is such a delight to watch as the older youth have someone to interact with besides us adults. Not to mention he is such a helpful, kind and industrious young man.
For those of you worried about us adults – hello are any of you worried about us adults…..well we are all doing our very best to be as helpful as the young people are. It takes a little more energy for us. LOL

Thank you all for your continued prayers as we continue to represent you and God. What an awesome responsibility, what a great opportunity.