First Full Day in Tanzania

Yesterday evening we (20 of us total between the Ohio and Kansas teams) arrived fairly late to our hotels in Tarime, so today was our first opportunity to meet with the people from Angel House. What a wonderful day we had!

On arrival we received a warm welcome from several of the children and staff on site. The day was a full one with personal tours of the facilities and its surrounding grounds, a wonderful lunch at the mission house, and sorting out all of the much appreciated donation items provided through support from folks back home.

Some of the specific things Anna, the orphanage’s supervisor, chose to pass to the kids today were the donated shoes and the brand new soccer jerseys for each child. A few of us enjoyed helping with the sizing of shoes and shirts to each child, as we had the opportunity to see many big grins first hand. The rest of the items we brought for donation will be handed out over time.

As we finished our long day with some great conversation over a wonderful meal and an opportunity to hear stories from some of the staff and one of the founders of Angel House, we are full of gratitude for all of you back home who have helped in making this trip a reality. We are so thankful for your help and support, and look forward to sharing more of our daily stories along the way.

John Everson
Ohio Team

P.S.- Ask me about my early morning dip in a swimming pool when I get home. 🙂