The Miracle of Transformation at Angel House

For those who have entered the home of Angel House, they have been met with bright, smiling faces as soon as they enter. It is impossible not to notice the love and joy that makes up the environment at Angel. After meeting these children, it is almost inconceivable to believe where they started. This transformation that the children go through is one of the many miracles that God performs here at Angel House.

When a child first arrives at Angel House, he or she is coming out of a difficult life situation. Almost always, they carry that with them into the house, whether it is trauma, abuse, grief, hunger, or struggles. Many of them are not used to being able to trust anyone or know what it is like to be in an environment where they are provided for.

In the beginning, a new child tends to be withdrawn, tearful, and anxious. Some of them hoard or steal food because they are used to being unsure when they will eat again. As time goes on, they slowly begin to transform physically, mentally, and spiritually as they are exposed to the love of their Father through the actions of staff members and the other children. The children’s bodies become stronger and healthier. They begin to smile and laugh regularly. They become close to their new family members without fearing that someone will hurt them or leave if they make a mistake.

God changes these children. He gives them a home and a family. He gives them a future and a chance to spread the love that God has shown them. Thank you to those of you who so faithfully partner with Grassroots and give financially. God is using you as well in this process and it is a crucial part. We are so thankful!