Greenhouse Farming

With most farms in rural Tanzania relying on rainfall as their only source of irrigation, you can probably imagine that many farmers experience difficulties during times of intense, dry, heat and lack of rainfall. Angel House is attempting to overcome this challenge with innovative and creative solutions. We are excited to announce that, with the fundraising efforts of a volunteer team, Angel House is the first in their district to implement greenhouse farming.

The greenhouse will allow our farmers to regulate and manipulate the environment that the plants are growing in and protect them during seasons of harsh climate change. Drip irrigation will be used in the greenhouse, which will not only provide a consistent and reliable source of water, but also be more controlled so that the water reaches the root of the plant instead of above or around the roots, increasing plant growth and decreasing weed growth.

Since this is a new development for Angel House, and a relatively new idea to Tanzanian agriculture, the volunteer team has also generously provided funding to bring in an expert to do training with Angel House staff in order to learn how to effectively utilize this new tool. Thank you to all who donated to this greenhouse project! This is a very exciting opportunity as we partner together in order to increase the agriculture at Angel House and become more sustainable!