Strong Leadership in Tanzania

An organization’s effectiveness largely depends on those leading it. Not only do they set an example for the other members and represent the organization, but they are responsible for making decisions that directly impact all involved.

Good leaders have vision and are constantly improving upon it. They must be lifelong learners and good listeners with open minds. They act with integrity, not just on an organizational level, but in their personal lives. They act and make decisions together as a team, and they stay accountable and transparent to each other and the organization. They also empower and mobilize others. Thankfully, Grassroots has an incredible team of Tanzanians who embody all this and more.

Each member brings something unique and valuable to the group to make it what it is. With Mwita Samson’s wisdom and empowerment of others, Kevin’s discipline and focus, Florence’s assertiveness and integrity, Joseph’s humility and listening skills, Anna’s intuition and resourcefulness, James’ proactiveness and dependability, Teddy’s strength and loyalty, and John Kinyanjui’s creativity and passion, this team works hard to help shape the organization into what it is today!