Thank you Angel House club!

Several young women from Kansas have been working hard hosting bake sales, selling dog biscuits and childrens’ toys, all in an effort to fundraise to support Winnie at Angel House. This spring, CIY Super Start kids’ conferences are featuring a video about the example these young ladies are setting for others their age, and this past weekend the girls attended the conference and were invited up on stage to share in person about how they are changing lives through their faith and service!

Grassroots, who supports Angel House in Tanzania, loves and appreciates the Angel House club and their determination to make a difference in the world through supporting Winnie. It is truly exciting to think about what God may bring about because of the example you have set and the inspiration that you are to so many of your peers. God bless each of you!

For more information about how to sponsor a child at Angel House or support the project in Tanzania, contact Holly Heyroth Opundo at or by phone at (254) 784-9020.