Back to school!

In East Africa, the school year begins in January and concludes in December. Which means Angel House kids have just started back into a new school year! New uniforms, new shoes from their Christmas gifts, school bags and textbooks. Whether the student studies onsite at Angel House kindergarten, takes the school bus to the border to attend Sunshine Primary School on the Kenyan side, walks across the yard to attend high school classes at Angel House Secondary School, or packs up to attend college in one of the larger towns, they go with a sense of having a family behind them. Part of their family is still close by, staff members who are a call away. Some of their family is on the other side of the world too, praying for their minds to be opened up, thanking God for the opportunity they have to study, and giving to Grassroots so that Angel House can purchase all the school supplies and pay all the school fees necessary. The kids are thankful to all who are rooting for their success, praying for their knowledge and wisdom to grow, and providing ways for them to continue with the opportunity for education as far as they possibly can.

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