Emergency Placement

This past year has been beautiful and challenging all at the same time. The Angel leadership team met this morning to reflect on 2015 and plan for the coming year, and we were reminded that our work is not only meaningful but that it is certainly not over. As the meeting concluded the district social welfare officer called. There are three urgent cases of abandoned/abused children who have been living at the district hospital for months. One has been burned so many times, inside and out, that she requires surgery at the hospital that is four hours away. The other two siblings have been abandoned and literally have no place to go, no one to trust, and nothing to eat. We had already prioritized the waiting list and intend to take in more children this year, but some situations warrant immediate attention. We are sharing their pictures so that you might pray with us, for God to make a way for us to help them come into the Angel House family; if you want to be involved in our New Year’s rescue operation for these sweet children, please click on donateĀ 1917773_1105873532786956_43609446152038766_n943864_1105873602786949_4868519215331919167_nand help Angel House to address their medical needs, give them a family, and show them how important and loved they are by God. Thank you for a year full of prayers, love, and generosity. May we continue to do as much good or more in 2016.