2016’s bucket list

The Tanzanian staff teams at both Angel House and Angel Secondary are an incredible group of people, whom we believe God has hand-selected to be in leadership at the children’s house and in the community of Gamasara and Tarime. As a partner in mission with the Tanzanian staff, we are excited to share a few of their bucket list items for the coming years, and ask for your prayers that they would be able to accomplish these necessary goals. If you have any questions regarding the cost or any details about the items on this list, please contact Donn Hellinger or Holly Heyroth Opundo. Thank you in advance for your prayers as we work to this end.

1. Increase the number of children served at Angel House. The house is built to accommodate at least 75 children total, and currently only holds around 50 children since a number of students are in college. To sponsor a child completely to live in the home, the cost is $1560/year. We will graduate eight from college in 2015 and so the goal is to welcome at least eight new children in 2016. The more support we receive, the more children we will be able to provide a family for.

2. Purchase new vehicles for Angel House (truck) and Angel Secondary (school bus). With the road out to Angel House as it is, we figure that in addition to vehicle maintenance we are looking at purchasing a newer-used vehicle every five years. The Angel House truck provides transport for children when they need to go to the hospital and hauls the weekly and monthly shopping from town to the village. The school bus makes three trips every morning and afternoon for the students who live in town to reach the property safely and on time.

3. Provide Christmas for both the Angel kids and staff members. Each Angel House child receives a new outfit as their annual Christmas gift – a dress for the girls and a nice shirt/trouser for the boys – as well as shoes. We estimate that $40 per child and $50 per staff appreciation gift will cover our expenses for the 63 children and 46 staff members. Anything given beyond this will be used to host the Angel family Christmas meal and also to provide gifts to the church and neighbors in our community.

4. Post-secondary education sponsors. Angel House will have 10 college students in the year 2016, as well as supporting eight scholarship students that graduated from Angel Secondary and are sponsored until the end of 2016 through Form 5/6.  The cost of tuition for college is a significant increase over and above a normal sponsorship and estimated at $3000/student per year. We are praying for God to continue to spark passion for helping Grassroots make sure that each student completes at least two years beyond high school.

5. School construction, including finishing the fittings of the science labs, constructing teachers housing, and laying a foundation for the dining hall. Pray for grants to be identified and written for as well as individuals and churches that might have a passion to help us complete the necessary buildings at the school.