Praying for rain

Anyone who has ever traversed the last 2 kilometers out to the kids house in Gamasara Village can testify to the fact that when it rains, it pours. Rains typically come in April and October, and in the height of rainy season, it will rain for eight hours on end per day. This year, however, the April showers were all too short in length, and we’re hoping some more comes so that the maize that has been planted gets the chance to grow all the way up.

The Angel House farm (shamba in Kiswahili) has continued to expand each year, thanks to hardworking staff members, an increasing student body population helping on weekends, and to many generous friends who have contributed to an acre or an half acre to increase the size of our land available to cultivate. We’re now in need of a few rain dances and some continued prayers for the crop not only at Angel House and Angel Secondary, but all over the village and the district, as so many of our neighbors depend on their own crop for their very existence.


Mwinoki, our head girl, working in the school shamba